AN ambitious world wide project aims to inspire one billion people to help cut carbon emissions.

And Scotland's part in the Count Us In movement is being coordinated in Glasgow with Scots urged to make positive changes to help the environment.

The movement launches today around the world with TEDxGlasgow leading the charge here.

Gurjit Singh Lalli Curator & Founder of TEDxGlasgow said: “We’ve got some incredible opportunities here to tackle climate change.

"Not only are we at the start of Count Us In’s incredible journey to empower citizens around the world but COP26 in 13 months in Glasgow puts us in a position to distil the ideas and values that Scotland represents.

"We’ve got a chance here to take Scotland’s narrative to the world, showcasing net-zero carbon emission initiatives and also to lay the foundations of a wellbeing economy and a just transition.

"We are not only supporting the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon’s aspirations, we’re looking to accelerate the plans.

"With Count Us In we hope people of Scotland will commit to the simple steps that could dramatically reduce their carbon footprint.

"This information has the potential to help leaders make evidence based decisions to shape the future.”

Count Us In is a global movement which aims to mobilise citizens to take practical steps that will make a significant impact in reducing carbon pollution and challenge leaders to act more boldly.

It aims to inspire one billion people to take practical steps to reduce carbon pollution and is being organised by TED and Future Stewards to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis.

Scotland is expected to take a particularly key role in Count Us In in the run up to COP26 in Glasgow in November 2021.

TEDxGlasgow is giving Scots the chance to be part of the most ambitious citizen-led effort so far to avert the impacts of climate change.

The movement focuses on engaging individuals who are not currently active on climate issues.

Count Us In sets out 16 practical steps individuals can take to protect the planet from carbon pollution before it is too late.

These 16 steps, from experts and research at the UN Environment Programme and other partners, provide a practical way to understand how individuals can play a part in tackling what can otherwise feel like an overwhelming challenge.

Individuals take part by logging their actions through the Count Us In global action platform which can be accessed at

The Count Us In website combines information in three categories:the carbon savings of the steps taken; the number of individuals taking steps; and the number of steps taken.

For each pledge made Count Us In shows the difference we can all make by acting together.

TEDxGlasgow will join together with other partner climate action platforms around the world to contribute to the aggregator’s common database, with the aim of adding together, measuring and reporting an even larger scope of impact from collective citizen climate action.

Count Us In hopes to encourage people not normally interested in climate change to take action.

It says this group that has the largest carbon footprint and can significant influence politicians and businesses.

What this audience does, says and buys will not only directly reduce carbon pollution but will also drive wider changes.