THE Health Secretary’s statement during the Coronavirus Update on Thursday, i.e. “they were prioritising those most at risk from harm” with regard to the Flu Vaccination Programme, in my experience is not true.

My local GP’s surgery is only dealing with the under 65s.

The elderly are expected to make their way to Partick or further for their vaccinations.

I am 73-years-old with underlying health conditions and do not have a vaccination appointment but my two daughters and son have either had a vaccination or been offered one. My wife, who is younger than me, also has an appointment.

Many of my friends who are younger than me and do not have underlying health conditions have also received appointments.

When I eventually got through to the NHS on 0141 201 4180, I was told they did not have sight of when my appointment would be, they were dealing with the youngest of the “65s and over” first and if necessary, I should call back at the end of October; which probably means end of November at the earliest for a vaccination.

As it takes 10 days to work, it would be closer to Christmas before protecting me.

Shortly after having an operation in February, I received a phone call from my GP’s surgery warning me to shield as there was nothing they could do if I caught Covid.

Now, I find myself in a similar predicament and am extremely worried.

Currently, I am desperately trying to get a vaccination at a pharmacy as I believe “elderly and Vulnerable” means “expendable”.


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REGARDING the letter about having to travel long distance to receive the jag – I am registered with the Gorbals health centre but have been sent a letter asking me to attend the health centre in Castlemilk.

This is a long journey requiring me to travel by bus. It makes no sense.

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MAY I congratulate the First Minister for doing her bit for cross-border trade.

With Scottish pubs closed and with our minimum alcohol pricing, the pubs, restaurants and off licences of Carlisle and Berwick on Tweed will be doing a very brisk Scottish trade.

Otto Inglis

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THE virus is not going away and they cannot eradicate it (What Scotland’s new lockdown rules man for travelling and staycations, Glasgow Times online).

Best defence is a vaccine and even then... we need to live with

it and they need to put their

trust in the people to do the right thing and comply with the regulations.

There will always be a minority who don’t but locking down the nation won’t solve the problem!

Fiona Conaghan

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IF reports of pubs down south ready to welcome football fans from Scotland to watch the forthcoming Celtic v Rangers match on October 17 are true then something needs to be done to stop this in its tracks.

The north of England is currently a Covid hotspot, just like central Scotland.

Are we seriously going to allow hoards of football fans to travel and congregate in pubs and then bring whatever back up the road? Seriously? Some numpties need reminding that we are still in the middle of a national pandemic.



I VISITED the Covid test centre in the Riverside Museum car park this week and I was very impressed with how efficient it was.

The staff were very friendly and organised and were a credit to our city. They made you feel calm and ensured you knew what to do.

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