Earliest memory of Glasgow?

Strapped on top of a high pram and going to my Granpaw’s work - Auld’s Valves - and him giving me a packet of Toffolux.

Which street did you live on?

From 1960 I lived at 99 Lamont Road in Balornock.

Describe your house:

We lived in a Swedish house, a timber three-bedroomed semi-detached with a large back garden which backed onto Littlehill Golf Course and St Catherine’s Church. It was a paradise for children, with Springburn Park less than ten minutes’ walk away and the woods nearby.

Glasgow Times:

What school did you go to?

Did P1 in Bridgeton, then Knockburn Primary from Primary 2 and Albert Senior Secondary School in 1966. It was a brilliant school with great memories.

Favourite local cinema?

The Princes in Springburn. I also remember queuing round the block to see The Beatles in A Hard Day’s Night at the Carlton in Townhead.

Favourite local shop?

I remember going to Galbraith’s with my mammy and the women cutting butter with big wooden paddles and wrapping it in greaseproof paper, and cutting cheese with a wire. I always wanted to have a go.

Where did you go dancing?

Joanna’s when I had just turned 17. I absolutely loved it there. I recognised a guy from Balornock working behind the bar. One night at a party, in he walked. Fast forward 46 years and Tommy and I are still together, married more than 41 years, with four children and one granddaughter.

Glasgow Times:

Best thing about growing up in Glasgow?

Although we lived in a big city, we were on the edge of the countryside, with cows grazing in nearby fields. There were loads of places where we could go in safety in the surrounding area. It was such a friendly, happy city to call your home.

Happiest childhood memory?

Definitelygoing to the Kelvin Hall Circus and Carnival. The feeling of excitement when I knew we were going was just fabulous.