A Rutherglen MP who made a train journey from London to Glasgow after testing positive for coronavirus has revealed she will not resign. 

Margaret Ferrier said the virus made her "act out of character", The Scottish Sun on Sunday reports. 

The MP has faced calls to quit after the coronavirus scandal and was suspended by the SNP. 

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The Metropolitan Police confirmed they are investigating the incident. 

Ms Ferrier, 60, told the Scottish Sun she "panicked" after learning she had coronavirus. 

"A lot of people say Covid makes you do things out of character. You are not thinking straight. I’m not making an excuse," she said. 

The MP took a Covid test on Saturday, September 26 due to a "tickly throat". 

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But she explained she had no symptoms on the Sunday or Monday when she travelled to Westminster for a debate. 

She said: "I was going to London because I was wanting to represent my constituents, take part in a debate. That was my reasoning.

“I was being diligent. We don’t have a full virtual parliament.

“You can’t take part in a debate on the reading of a Bill virtually — you have to be there in person."

Explaining that when she received a positive test she was "panicking" and "wanting home". 

“I think I was worried I would be told to self-isolate in a hotel room for two weeks. I felt there was no alternative — that’s why I took the train.

“There were no other people next to me in the carriage and I wore a mask the whole way back.”

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon previously described her actions as "reckless, dangerous and completely indefensible" and joined calls for Ferrier to resign.

The MP said: "It may be a serious error of judgment. I'm not denying that. People may be saying, 'You should have known better, you're a public figure'.

"But at the end of the day it still hurts. You then think is all that hard work and dedication just wiped away?"