A FORMER employee of Margaret Ferrier has launched a scathing attack on the scandal-rocked MP. 

Derec Thompson said he was her former senior aide and had worked hard to get her elected. 

But despite reaching out to her, he said, she was "hell-bent on doing the wrong thing" by clinging onto her seat in parliament. 

In a Twitter thread, he said: "Over the past week and a bit, I've reached out to offer Margaret support and advice, as have many others.

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"She's ignored us all. I can draw only one conclusion: that she is thinking of nobody but herself right now.

He said that the SNP representative had broken the trust of her constituents by not resigning after news broke that she had travelled to and attended parliament while awaiting the results of a coronavirus test. On finding out she had the virus, she took a return train to her home near Glasgow. 

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Mr Thompson added: "Margaret has tried to paint herself as a victim in all of this. She's not a victim, she's a failure. By hanging on to her highly-paid position, Margaret continues to fail her constituents, her staff, her colleagues, and all the activists who worked tirelessly to get her elected.

"Margaret's intention to remain in office benefits nobody, least of all herself. Her failure is now a quagmire that she's refused help to escape. Every day that passes, every action she takes, every word she speaks, she gets swallowed up even more in it.

"There is no joy in watching someone destroy their own happiness in this way. I've found the last week and a bit to be deeply unpleasant and uncomfortable.

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"I wish she had listened to reason. I wish she had just done the decent thing at the outset and resigned."

She has been at the centre of a political storm and the First Minister and leader of her former party, Nicola Sturgeon said Ms Ferrier's actions were "unacceptable". 

Ms Ferrier was suspended from the SNP as result of her actions but refuses to step down as an MP. 

Ms Ferrier has been contacted for comment.