OUR city has just gone through the first weekend of the latest tough restrictions.

Let me be clear, the need to stop the spread of coronavirus in our communities is absolutely essential and we remain in the midst of the most serious public health crisis we have ever known.

However, seven months in I believe we have reached the point where people are rightly asking why many of these decisions are being taken and are legitimately seeking clearer guidance and justification.

Those businesses in Glasgow’s hospitality sector, so loved by residents and visitors alike, are absolutely dismayed at having to shut their doors again having barely got back on their feet.

The SNP Government’s decision completely unravelled as they moved the goalposts on what premises could open and who couldn’t.

The moment the restrictions were announced I was inundated with calls from East End business owners looking for clarity on the regulations.

And they were not alone – a licensing lawyer on social media reported that his phone was ringing off the hook with desperate clients wanting to know what to tell staff.

For the SNP Government to leave it to barely six hours before businesses had to shut their doors before announcing the definition of a café gave off the impression that these measures were being thought up on the hoof.

They have been completely oblivious to the chaos facing businesses in Glasgow and have failed to protect jobs and livelihoods.

Business groups were crying out for clarity from the Scottish Government amid warnings of the impact of these restrictions being ‘cataclysmic’ for the hospitality sector and were completely ignored by the


Contrast that with Chancellor Rishi Sunak who in the last few days has announced further extensions to the job support scheme to help businesses that have been forced to shut their doors.

Yet again he’s delivered a clear plan to protect jobs and incomes. Where is the SNP’s? The Deputy Leader of the Council would rather make crass jokes about protesters standing up for their livelihoods than come up with any sort of economic rescue proposals.

It is the broad shoulders of the United Kingdom and the bold leadership of the UK Government which continues to support this city’s businesses and workers during this unprecedented


We must all stick together and defeat this virus in the coming weeks and months. That is where my priorities lie for my ward and city.