WHAT is Glasgow City Council roads department thinking with all these raised roads or ramps at bus stops for I can only assume cycle lanes?

How long before a motorist on an already badly-lit and potholed road, with dark nights now here, launches their car over one of these and ends up on its roof?

Or before a cyclist runs down someone getting off the bus? And don’t forget traffic jams and worse pollution due to this now which will be city-wide!

Jack Sherry

Via email

WE asked readers on our Facebook page whether constituents should be allowed to sack an MP... here’s a selection:

THE whole political system needs changing! They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with things like they do, almost with impunity.

Darren Greenidge

DEFINITELY aye! If the MP has done something that warrants them being sacked.

Clare McGrath

YES, everyone else would have been sacked from their job.

Linda Main

ABSOLUTELY, I certainly

do not want Margaret Ferrier as my MP.

She is a disgrace and her refusing to resign is absolutely disgraceful.

She hasn’t done her party any favours either – Rutherglen and Hamilton West will not forgive or forget!

Jojo Owen

I THINK taking into account the circumstances and the reckless behaviour and risk she has now put vulnerable people in there’s absolutely no question of whether she should be dismissed from her post.

All to satisfy her own vanity –come on, it’s a no brainer.

Lisa McFadyen

THEY elect them, they should be able to dismiss them if they no longer have confidence in them.

Iain Robert

DEFINITELY, especially when they break the rules that we have to follow.

Nicole Maguire

SHOULDN’T have to, the First Minister should do it and do it now.

Rab Simmy

YES definitely, she knew what she was doing, it was very irresponsible, she put people in danger, she should be sacked.

Jean Kerr