Nicola Sturgeon has told people they should “err on the side of caution” if considering making travel plans for Christmas.

The First Minister said it is still a long way away in terms of a pandemic but she understood people now beginning to think about Christmas and what might be possible.

Ms Sturgeon said: “I don’t think it’s helpful to get ahead of where we are. People are starting to think about Christmas.”

However, she added; “This is not a normal year and in the context of the pandemic it’s still some time away.”

“It’s really important we work our way through the next couple of weeks focusing on trying to stem the increase.”

She said Christmas this year may not be “100% normal” and she was unable to say at this point if the re would eb a rule of six or a rule of 12 for gatherings.

Ms Sturgeon added: "I advise against overseas travel and travel that is not essential.” And she reminded people in Glasgow and the other central belt areas of the advice not to travel to other health board areas if not necessary.

On thinking about making plans to travel at Christmas, Ms Sturgeon, added: “Err on the side of caution at the moment.”

Ms Sturgeon said she would try to give “firm advice” when she was able to adding: “I will try to say more over the next few weeks.”