Boris Johnson has announced a three-tier lockdown system for England which Nicola Sturgeon said Scotland would be closely aligned with.

The Prime Minister said the system of Medium, High and Very High would determine what interventions were needed in certain areas to avoid a full-scale national lockdown again.

Medium is the current national restrictions which cover most of England with the rule of six on gatherings indoors

High includes the rule of six outdoors as well.

Very High means pubs and hospitality closed, gyms betting shops and casinos also closed.

Mr Johnson said that an agreement has been reached with Liverpool that it would enter Very High and discussions were ongoing with other local leaders in the north of England.

He ruled out “letting the virus rip” as it would lead to many deaths and overwhelm the NHS.

And he said another full national lockdown.

Instead he said the UK government would continue the “balanced approach of changing behaviour to restrict the virus” but also that “we need to go further”.

A UK Cobra emergencies meeting was held earlier today and The First Minister was made aware of the English plans.

Nicola Sturgeon says while Scotland will develop its own tiered system it would be similar to what the Prime Minister announced.

She said: “We will look at it very closely. At a strategic level we are looking to align very closely as possible with the other UK nations but decisions will be for each to take at a devolved level.”

She added Scotland would be looking at the same “direction of travel” as what the Prime Minister announced for England.