People should think twice about taking coach trips around the UK, according to Scotland's interim chief medical officer.

Dr Gregor Smith said it is difficult to determine if transmission took place on the coaches or the venues each group visited.

However, he said: "We have evidence of family and friend groups who have participated in coach travel, perhaps gone away on outings together, and subsequently members of those parties have tested positive.

"My advice would be to think very, very carefully before participating in any type of travel like that.

"Particularly if you plan to go to areas of the country where there is a high prevalence of the disease just now."

He said the north west and north east of England have high rates of transmission of coronavirus and travel there should be treated with caution, particularly for people in high risk groups.

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, also urged people to take care if they are travelling to areas with high rates of infection.

She said: "We've seen a number of Covid cases in recent weeks coming through our Test and Protect system associated with travel, often coach travel, to other parts of the UK."

The First Minister added: "What we have seen is that coach travel - and this is a time of year when people will often go on coach trips to other parts of the UK - is a theme emerging through the Test and Protect work."