I USED this site during the week (‘Utterly absurd’: Riverside test centre location blasted by angry locals, October 12). You have to book and you get a 30-minute slot. Lots of helpful staff on site and clear safety protocols in place. No crowding, no one parking next to each other.

The balcony nimby has an expressway between his flat and the test site which has several access and egress points. Where does he suggest it should be sited?

John Paterson

THE amount of pearl-clutching in this article is beyond belief. I live not far away from the Riverside museum, there are three routes you can use to get there on foot, two of which don’t use the underpass. Where would they rather have it sited? The moon?

Stewart Campbell

EVERY year, Carers Scotland organises the Carers Parliament, bringing together unpaid carers and young carers from all over Scotland to discuss the issues that affect them and speak directly to policy and decision makers. As the numbers of carers grow because of the pandemic, reaching over one million, this year it is even more important that carers have their voices heard.

For the first time, the Carers Parliament will be an online event and will take places across three days – November 16, 17 and 25. On days one and two, carers will have the opportunity to take part in discussions ranging from the social care review to financial inequality and from human rights to mental health and wellbeing. Also on day two, the event will feature a webinar from Professor Jason Leitch (right), clinical director for the Scottish Government, talking about “Managing risk and decision making in a Covid world”. On Day three, the main event will take place with interviews from carers, a presentation by young carers and a keynote address from Joe Fitzpatrick, Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing. This will be followed by a panel discussion with questions from carers to a panel including ministers responsible for carers and for mental health. Carers will also have the chance to visit virtual information rooms, chat together and take part in wellbeing activities. Find out more about all that is happening and how to book at https://bit.ly/3liuhbd or contact Carers Scotland at info@carerscotland.org for more details.

Fiona Collie

Policy & public affairs manager

Carers Scotland