A PUB worker has warned lives are at risk if coronavirus restrictions on pubs aren’t made tighter amid claims dozens of staff from one city centre boozer are in quarantine. 

The whistleblower spoke out as the Scottish Government’s new rules saw the shutters come down on bars across Glasgow this weekend.

As many hospitality workers took to George Square in protest of the new restrictions, our source claims dozens of staff at The Counting House nearby were in isolation.

Rotas seen by the Glasgow Times appear to show 17 staff members – including a mix of senior management and bar workers – were on an “authorised absence” from October 5 to 11.

This, our source claims, is the marker used by bosses for those in quarantine.

The pub chain confirmed three workers had received a positive test result between October 2 and 4, with a further 38 self-isolating as a precaution due to potentially being in close contact with the individuals.

There is no evidence to determine where they were infected with the virus.

The St Vincent Place pub worker warned pubs are a hotbed for the virus spreading throughout the city and has urged the Scottish Government to tighten restrictions when bars are scheduled to reopen later this month.

Speaking at the national briefing yesterday, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “We intend, as we come out of those restrictions, to put in place the strategic framework, which has tiers of intervention that will allow us to respond flexibly depending on the spread of the virus either nationally or in different parts of the country.”

She added: “We’ve sought to act quickly to try to prevent longer-lasting or tighter restrictions being necessary in the future.”

A spokesman for Wetherspoons, said: “In the event that a member of staff tests positive for Covid-19, Wetherspoon adheres to government and public health guidance by requiring any employee who may have come into close contact with the person who tested positive to isolate for 14 days, irrespective of whether they are showing symptoms or not.

“The company operates a robust Test and Protect system in all its pubs. Customers can register their details using either a paper-based system or via a digital QR system on their mobile phones. QR codes are displayed prominently on every table and on posters throughout the pub. Customers are also prompted to complete the digital form when ordering on our Order and Pay App.

"Wetherspoon requires each customer or household group of customers to register their Test and Protect details on every visit to a pub. Service will be refused to customers unless they comply with the requirement to provide Test and Protect information. There is always at least one person present on the door at the Counting House to monitor the collation of Test and Protect data.

"At the Counting House, Glasgow, a total of 5,221 people registered for Test and Protect in the week commencing September, 28 2020.

“Since reopening in August, Wetherspoon has operated comprehensive social distancing and hygiene practices in all its pubs, including the Counting House, Glasgow.

“These include; reduced capacity levels, the spacing out of tables, the installation of a number of floor screens between tables and the addition of till-surround screens to the bar. 

“Staff are conducting regular surface cleaning and numerous hand sanitisers have been installed in each pub. The operating procedures and hygiene practices implemented by the company since reopening means that all hand contact points are frequently cleaned and sanitised throughout the day. All pubs are thoroughly cleaned at the end of every trading day.

“While it is not possible to create an entirely risk-free environment, adherence to social distancing guidelines and rigorous implementation of hygiene standards minimises the risk.

“Finally, we do not agree that pubs are one of the main reasons why Covid-19 cases in the UK are rising.”