THE number of positive Coronavirus cases has increased sharply across Glasgow in a seven-day period.

The city recorded another 1712 positive test results between October 5 and October 11, an increase of 488 cases from the 1224 recorded the previous week.

The highest area for the second week, since localised figures have been produced, was City Centre East with 55 positive cases, even though it fell from 98 for the previous seven day period.

It was followed by Toryglen and Oatlands, with 44, and Cranhill/Lightburn, with 39, making up the top three.

Baillieston had 36, and Robroyston and Millerfield was fifth, with 32 cases.

The ten highest areas also included Dowanhill, with 31, Gallowgate/Bellgrove and Riddrie/Hogganfield, both with 29. Woodlands had 27 while Kelvingrove/University and Nitshill both had 25.

The city’s rate per 100,000 of population has gone up considerably also as a result, from 193 to 270 in the last seven days.

The numbers of positive cases have gone from being mainly in areas with high student populations in the city centre and west end where halls of residence are located to across the city’s communities.

The map of communities shows Glasgow split into 136 communities of around 4000 people.

It ranks areas from the highest, those in red with a rate of more than 100 cases per 100,000 population, to Orange with 75 to 99 per 100,000, yellow 50 to 74, dark blue 30 to 49 and pale blue fewer than 15.