Positive coronavirus cases in Glasgow have risen sharply across Glasgow in the last week.

The latest figures for a seven-day period cover from October 5th to 11th shows there were 1712 positive tests in Glasgow city whereas the week before the number was 1224.

The city’s rate per 100,000 of population has gone up considerably also as a result from 193 to 270 in the last seven days.

The new map of cases across Glasgow communities published by Public Health Scotland shows more cases spread across the city.

From City Centre East, which remains the highest with 55 cases, to just one area where there were none recorded, Kelvinside and Jordanhill.

The map of communities shows Glasgow split into 136 communities of around 4000 people.

It ranks areas from the highest, those in red with a rate of more than 100 cases per 100,000 population, to Orange with 75 to 99 per 100,000, yellow 50 to 74m dark blue 30 to 49 and pale blue under 15.

Last week the city had around 40 areas not in the highest category. This week there are just 12.

The numbers of positive cases have gone from being mainly in areas with high student populations in the city centre and west end where halls of residence are located to across the cities communities.

The highest three totals are in City centre east with 55 new positive cases, Toryglen and Oatlands with 44 and Cranhill/Lightburn with 39.

Those with the lowest are Kelvinside/Jordanhill with zero. And seven other areas had fewer than 5. They were Ibrox, Partick, Shawlands East, Broomhill, Drumchapel South, Carnwadric West and Carmunnock South.

A week ago Scotstoun west was the only area with no cases, this week that has recorded six new cases.

The university areas, while still high, and above the 100 per 100,000 population, have seen a drop in the last week.

City Centre East, while still the highest, fell from 98 cases to 55. Ruchill where Murano Street Halls are fell from 22 to 16

Other saw a rise. Possilpark for example increased from fewer than five to 15 last week.

The figures reflect the rising number of cases across the county and Greater Glasgow having the most new cases.

Nicola Sturgeon revealed the latest statistics for Scotland which showed 1297 new positive tests in the last 25 hours. And of that almost one third, 419, were in Greater Glasgow area made up of seven councils.

527 people were in hospital, an increase of 40 from the day before and 35 people were in intensive care, 1 fewer.

There were seven deaths registered of a patient who first tested positive over the previous 28 days.

Ms Sturgeon said: “All of us without exception, could be required to self isolate at any time if we develop symptoms of Covid, if we find through a test that we have Covid, or if we are identified as a contact of somebody with Covid.

“And when we are asked to self isolate, we have to do so completely. That means staying at home immediately, and not going anywhere else for the recommended period.

“We can’t go to the shops one last time or go out to make any other preparations, because if we do that, the risk is we could pass the virus on to somebody else.”