A WOMAN of 48 who says she was previously 'young, fit and healthy' has urged the public to continue to adhere to government guidance after being left seriously ill with the virus.

Ruth James Moore, who is from East Kilbride, is on her ninth day of intensive treatment for pneumonia at Hairmyres Hospital after testing positive for Covid-19.

She shared her experience of having the virus to encourage others to continue to adhere to safety precautions and local restrictions and praised the efforts of NHS staff caring for her and putting their own lives at risk.

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Doctors' leader Dr Andrew Buist has previously warned that the public is no longer 'afraid of  Covid' despite figures indicating cases are higher than during full lockdown.

Ms Moore said: "I would consider myself still quite young 48, healthy, and here I am in hairmyres with covid pneumonia - the 9th day after testing positive and on oxygen, steroids, anti sickness, iv fluids, antibiotics.

Glasgow Times:

"I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Please do not ask me where I got as I am not the covid inspector. If I knew this it would maybe help others. Do you wear a glove when using a petrol pump? Can you say you feel safe in a shop when people brushing by you.

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"So many people out there very relaxed about all this but this bad boy ain't going away.

Glasgow Times:

"Please please please stay safe and don't do anything that's risky. Massive thank you to my oldest friends since primary, Linda Bias, Laura Crawford. Ali Horn who have been so supportive and helpful the last few days.

" I take my hat off to you all and especially the jobs you do in NHS. True heroes."