PART of a football pitch in Baillieston could be sold by the council and turned into a car park to ease traffic problems.

Glasgow councillors have agreed terms of a sale can be negotiated with John Brady Properties, the owner of the neighbouring Springhill MOT station.

They were told the move would not impact on the community’s use of the open space as the car park would be built on the edge of Swinton Park.

John Brady Properties, which has received planning permission for the car park, has agreed to upgrade the football pitch.

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A council officer said: “As part of that planning process they have agreed to undertake a number of improvements to the pitch, which would see them reline the pitch, provide some drainage works and also new goalposts.”

A 0.22-acre parcel of land would be converted into the car park to “alleviate parking issues, which have been ongoing for a number of years”.

The company approached the council with the proposal, which would remove the need for any of their customers to park on the street.

“Local councillors and Police Scotland have had a number of complaints in the past, regarding on street parking,” the council officer said.

It is believed people often park in the area to access Easterhouse train station.

Councillor Cecilia O’Lone said: “This is really welcomed. For the local people, there’s a good comeback from it, it solves part of the issue about parking in the area, which not only is difficult for residents, but also unsightly.

“Then the open space will be upgraded. It’s a good compromise and good the land will be maintained after that.”

The council officer said the land, accessed from Rhindmuir Road, was “informally” used by the local community. “By taking out this small area of land, there will be no loss of playing capacity,” he added.

The council would maintain the ground once the improvements have been made.

The land to be used as car park was declared surplus to the council’s requirements in February.

A condition of the sale is expected to ensure the land can only be used as a car park and yard space.

The approved plans show 40 vehicles would be able to use the car park.

SportScotland had no objections to the application “subject to suitable compensation being provided to address the loss of open space”.

A council report stated the pitch is in “poor condition”, with only one set of posts – 10 metres of the playing field would be lost but a new, smaller pitch would be formed.

It added: “The applicant has intimated the extension will allow the removal of parked vehicles to the front of the building, which will result in improved visual amenity for local residents.”