THIS is not a place for casual pizza fan. It’s not somewhere for the “hey it’s 7pm on a Friday and I fancy a wee Hawaiian” crowd.

Getting your pie from Errol’s involves preparation, a reliable internet connection and determination.

It took me three weeks before I could place an order. That’s partly my sloppiness, huge demand from the South Side pizza-eating community and a Covid-enforced booking system.

In the old days, before the pandemic, Errol’s was a restaurant. They would sometimes do takeaway, but only if they weren’t rammed.

Reader, they were always rammed.

Set up last year by pals Claire, John and Euan – a trio with a fairly impressive pedigree, including a stint cheffing at Finnieston’s Alchemilla – this is not your average pizza parlour.

They only have the capacity to cook two pizzas at a time. If you want a third you’re going to have to let your first two go cold.

Rather than have punters banging down their door, and getting annoyed when they have to wait an age, they’ve moved to an online booking system, with customers able to bag a 10-minute slot where they pre-order either one or two pizzas.

Those slots go on sale at 8pm on a Tuesday, and they’re sold out minutes later.

The Saturday goes first and then the Friday, and while you spend 10 seconds mulling over if you really want to have a pizza at 5pm on a Wednesday, boom, it’s gone.

The first week, I naively thought I could log on at about 8.15pm-ish and get a slot. The next week, I tried to get one at 8pm. Seven days later I had an alarm set at 7.55pm. I had my phone, my laptop, my girlfriend’s phone all set at the booking page, all ready to go.

It’s like trying to buy tickets for Lewis Capaldi, or Still Game. It’s pretty amazing that touts forced out of work by Covid haven’t cottoned on to this. They could be standing on street corners in Govanhill charging £70 for a couple of pizzas from Errol’s.

Is it worth it? Yes. These are probably the best pizzas in Glasgow. That’s a big statement, and while I haven’t eaten ALL the pizzas in Glasgow, I have eaten a fair few, so I feel qualified to make it.

We order the Margherita, and the Italian sausage. The base is thin, crispy, the toppings are tasty. I’ve been thinking about them ever since I stopped eating them.

We have a big salad on the side. The big salad turns out to be huge – carrot radish green beans, sweetcorn, spring onions, sun dried tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, olives – it’s fresh and easily supplies you with your five-a-day for the week ahead.

It’s not cheap compared to other takeaways – the pizzas are £11 and £13 and the salad’s £8 – but given how difficult it is to actually order, think of it as a rare treat. Worth the effort.