An ex-soldier from Glasgow is against time to receive pioneering treatment for incurable motor neuron disease. 

Stu Carmichael - a military veteran of multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan - was diagnosed with the illness over two years ago, but a close friend of the former soldier says he is starting to feel the effects of the disease now. 

The father-of-two has embarked on a medical trial that will involve pioneering stem cell treatment to aid his condition, however due to the treatment being unavailable in Scotland, it will come with a cost. 

Glasgow Times:

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Fellow ex-soldier who served in Afghanistan alongside Stu, Dave Harcus, has set up an online fundraiser in a desperate bid to cover the costs of the trial, which will take place in Mexico.

Dave said: “Since leaving the army we haven’t seen much of each other, but Facebook keeps us together. He told me a while ago he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease a while ago.

“The other day, he told me he was really starting to feel the effects of it now and that his mobility was starting to go so I thought, I’ve got to do something here.

“He’s signed up to take part in a medical trial which is typical Stu – he’s always looking how he can help someone else.

“The treatment is quite expensive so we want to try to get as much money as we can. The money raised will go towards that treatment, which I believe is in Mexico.

“It’s pioneering stem cell treatment and I know there’s a man in Glasgow who is receiving this treatment and is responding to it very well."

Glasgow Times:

Motor neuron disease is an uncommon condition that affects the brain and nerves. It causes weakness in nerve cells, the brain and spinal cord that deteriorate over time.

Although the treatment won't cure the disease, it will slow the process of its effects down, potentially giving Stu more time with his three daughters and wife. 

Dave added: "It would give him a fighting chance to see his daughters grow up. That’s our main concern.

“He’s probably one of the best soldiers I’ve ever met. He always puts others before himself.

“I know that if the shoe was on the other foot, Stu would do exactly the same for me or anybody for that matter.”

Glasgow Times:

At the time of writing, the online fundraiser has so far raised almost £19,000. 

Dave said: "His spirits have been massively raised because he can see people care and are trying to help him.

“A friend of mine went to see him yesterday and they said that he’s lost a lot of weight and that you can see the disease is starting to affect him, but his spirits are high which is the main thing.

“He’s had to have a lot of alterations to his house as you can imagine because his situation will dictate that he can’t get upstairs so he’s had to build an extension with a wet-room and so on. But he’s funded that entirely himself with no help at all.

“I thought, enough is enough. Let’s see how we can all help out now."

To donate to Stu's fundraiser, click HERE.