Fans of Scotland's national drink can take a dip in 'Irn Bru' in their own bathtub - with bath salts which turn water orange and smell just like the ginger fizz.

The Glasgow Soap Company is selling Iron Brew epsom bath salts, shower gel, liquid soap, hand soap and even lip balm.

Owner and founder Ashely Paton, 37, said the ginger range smells like the iconic orange drink – despite not actually being made with Irn Bru.

Glasgow Times:

But the range has proved to be the company’s biggest seller – outselling the rest of their products The family firm, which Ashley runs with her partner Sean Kelly, also 37, said they have been inspired to create an Iron Brew candle to go alongside the popular products.

Glasgow Times:

Mum-of-one Ashley said: “Iron Brew’s been our biggest seller.

“It seems quite an obvious one to go with, being the Glasgow Soap Company.

“It made sense and we ran with it.

“We first made Iron Brew lip balms which outsold all our other lip balms.

“All product types we do an Iron Brew version and it just outsells everything else by miles.

“We don’t use Irn Bru in our products at all, it’s all fragrance oils that together smell like it.

“It smells really authentic and it’s lovely, fruity and sweet.

“Our handmade soaps are made from vegetable glycerin and are vegan, moisturising and suitable for sensitive skin.

“The lip balms are made with beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter, and our organic liquid soap and shower gel are made from organic oils.

“The epsom salts contain fragrance oils and they’re good for detoxing and muscle aches and pains.

“They’re also really good with encouraging young children into the bath and helping parents with bathtime.”

Glasgow Times:

Ashley started the company after studying aromatherapy at college and developing a keen interest in essential oils.

She set up the business in 2015 and at first made her products in her kitchen, but over the past five years the firm has gone from strength to strength.

Sean even left his job as a dentist to help with the business, which now has a workshop in Glasgow, where the products are made and distributed from.

Ashley, originally from Stirling, said: “The Glasgow Soap Company was initially me making soap in my kitchen for family and friends.

“Then two-and-a-half years ago our son was born and my partner left his job as a dentist to help run it.

“When coronavirus hit we had no childcare so we had to take on two employees.

“This year, since the start of lockdown, people can’t go out to the shops as much.

“We’re really trying to push sales through the website and we also sell to stockists across Scotland, like gift shops and we’ve also created a range of gifts for Glasgow Children’s Hospital.”