VILE sectarian graffiti has appeared in Glasgow on the eve of Saturday’s Old Firm clash. 

Shameful bigots have sprayed “F**k huns” onto signs in the north east, near Robroyston train station, which can be seen from the M80 leading in and out of the city. 

The appalling words have been blasted by anti-sectarianism campaigners, who say it is a “sad reflection” on the vandals. 

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Dave Scott, director of Glasgow-based Nil by Mouth, said: “What a terrible picture of Glasgow this sort of garbage gives to the world

“This is no display of cultural or artistic value, simply crude, antagonistic ignorance. 

“It’s a sad reflection of the mindsets of those involved - nothing good, positive, tolerant or inclusive comes from their actions.” 

Mr Scott added: “It’s time they joined the 21st century.”

The vile message has been widely circulated in recent days on social media, with Celtic supporters group the Green Brigade among those to share pictures of the graffiti on their own account and website. 

Glasgow Times: The graffiti can be seen from the M80 The graffiti can be seen from the M80

It comes a week after we told of anti-Catholic vandalism in Easterhouse, which took council officers two days to clean up. 

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Graffiti threatening to “kill all taigs” – that spanned 600 feet – was plastered on the Easterhouse Sports Centre and Provan Hall. 

While the origins of the word Hun and its use in Glasgow remain disputed, it is widely  understood to be a derogatory term used towards Protestants.

The Glasgow Times contacted Police Scotland for comment.