THE Citizens Theatre will be bringing the stage to homes across Glasgow, as they plan to screen a filmed production online starring Only An Excuse's Jonathan Watson and Still Game's Maureen Carr.

Fibres, originally premiered on the Citizens' stage in 2019, will be reprised in a special filmed version, with both actors taking up their roles again.

Glasgow Times: Pic: Alan PeeblesPic: Alan Peebles

The play, written by award-winning playwright Frances Poet, tells the story of Beanie and her husband jack, an ex-shipworker at the Clyde Shipyards, as they battle with mesothelioma and is a witty yet heartbreaking look at the impact of asbestos on workers and their families.

Director Jemima Levick said: "As with so many theatre projects, the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented our planned UK tour of Fibres.

Glasgow Times: Pic: Alan PeeblesPic: Alan Peebles

"This feels like an opportunity for us to approach the piece in a new way, blending the two art forms of theatre and film to tell this story with all the humour and heart that the original contained.

"I’m particularly pleased that audiences right across the UK can see it, especially those living with Mesothelioma who, with lockdown restrictions, might not be able to attend if it were in their local theatre.

Jonathan, who plays Jack, said: "I think people use humour to cope in difficult times, humour helps them get through that.

Glasgow Times: Pic: Alan PeeblesPic: Alan Peebles

"I don't think that's exclusive to the West of Scotland, I think that that is a general thing.

"Mesothelioma is extremely prevalent in this area and I think has the highest rate for mesothelioma in the world for quite some time."

The film, which was created by the theatre with funding from the Performing Art Relief Fund, is set to premiere online in next month.