A CAT who had bleach poured over her had to receive veterinary treatment following the 'deliberate attack'.

Five-year-old Luna was in the back garden of her home in Old Kilpatrick when her owners noticed that she looked soaking wet.

The family cat was re-homed three years ago after being mistreated by a previous owner.

Martin Bryan, 31, said: “We rescued Luna and her sister Bella, and we really struggled to get them out at first.

“They’re not used to people, so we've really worked on them for the past few years and now for this to happen is disgusting – poor wee soul.

“When we took them in they spent a good week under the sofa – that’s how scared they were.”

The 31-year-old added: “Luna has only ever been in the garden or close by to the tenement blocks because she’s really wary.

“Me and my dad were looking out the window and it looked although she had been covered in water.

“She was sitting licking herself.

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“We managed to get her in the house and when we lifted her up all we could smell was bleach.

“We had a look about to see if there was a bucket or anything, but she wouldn’t go near any water.

“She hates water like every other cat. As soon as it rains, she cries to get in. It was definitely not an accident – someone threw it.”

Luna was taken to the vet and had to receive an anti-inflammatory injection to prevent her flaring up – which cost the family £50.

When she got home, she curled up under the radiator.

Martin said: “It’s not about the money it’s the fact someone has done this.

“I just feel disgusted someone could hurt an animal like that.

“How could you deliberately hurt a poor wee soul like that – she does no harm.

“The worst she does is bring mice home and she gets all proud of herself for that then goes for a sleep.

“This has really just opened my eyes to how people can be.”