Popular city cafe Martha's has returned after it closed its doors in the city centre last year. 

The St Vincent Street sandwich and salad bar announced it would be closing last year after suffering from a "series of unfortunate circumstances".

Fans will be thrilled to know the eatery will be returning with its city-wide delivery service and collection option from Platform.

While the outfit will operate in a new way, all the old favourite recipes will return. 

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Boss Gavin Clark said: “It’s great to be working with actual Martha’s regulars to relaunch the business.

"My primary role is to ensure the same values and standards are upheld across everything we do and to create the right starting point to build a great business again. I’ve also rolled in one of the original senior chefs to make sure products are bang on. There are seven years of great recipes to draw from so fans will enjoy some of the original classics and a few new ideas too as things develop.

“It will be a case of all hands to the pump so I’ll be getting out in the van to meet old faces too!

“All of the classic dishes will be on offer like Chipotle Chicken, Red Dragon Pork and Falafels to name a few with meaty, vegan and veggie options across the menu.

"There will be the Lighter main tubs from before and a new Hearty portion size on all main dishes. Our Sports and Fitness professionals always needed more fuel so this will work better for them. Some great salads, salad toppings and smoothies too. New dishes will be introduced every few weeks to keep things interesting.”

In order to provide the highest quality food possible, Martha’s will be sending out meals cold for diners to heat and assemble at home, following the simple instructions and garnishing with everything provided to their own taste.

Initially, food must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance but can be ordered up to seven days ahead of delivery. The site is live with first deliveries and collections on October 20.