WHAT a shambles this government is in at this critical time (Fury as over 65s in Glasgow face major delay for flu jab, October 15).

Who decided to move the flu vaccine from GPS to God knows where. There is an old saying, If its not broke don’t fix it.No one can tell me when I’ll get mine but someone has managed to work out that the cost for this change will be in excess of £2million pounds, I would like to see Nicola’s justification for this. Probably one of her 999 Corona virus “ experts” This lot cannot even be called amateurs.


East Kilbride

THE Dispatches program on Channel 4 on 12 October 2020, revealed that unsafe American food could be coming to Britain, as part of a post-Brexit deal.

The Dispatches investigator, found dangerous levels of bacteria on US supermarket meat, and declining food hygiene standards.

This is alarming and devastating news for the NHS, who are currently overstretched in dealing with the continuing Coronavirus threat.

These allegations indicate that Boris Johnson and his government deliberately mislead the people as to the real reason for Brexit, which was to dismantle EU laws, which gave further protection to all sections of the community in the UK, especially against the importation of unsafe food etc.

Once again a Tory Government, who came to power, based on lies, deceit and weak labour opposition, have proven they are not a party to be trusted with governing the country.


Via email

ALL pubs clubs and live event should be open and life back to normality as this scamdemic virus isn’t as bad as the flu (Ram’s Head will ‘lose out on thousands’ in lockdown, October 15)

Bernadette Gallagher


OH dear, what a shame.

Colin MacEwan


ALL very sad. What must German tourists and visitors think of our great city (Vile ‘f**k Huns’ graffiti appears in Glasgow, October 16) . Strange but sad

James Street


IT is very much high time that those who do graffiti must be sent to jail for a verey long time, and that the government do as soon as ban the sale of spray paints.

Those who did this are brainless and they make Glasgow a slum, the police must get their act together.

Alan Hall


I HAVE paid for sky services for 26 years I don’t mind if they show the game for free (Nicola Sturgeon pleads with Sky Sports to show Old Firm for free, October 16).

Shay Mac