A Glasgow restaurant has been praised for its offer to help those who fell on hard times during the pandemic. 

Manjaros Restaurant, on Paisley Road, encouraged people to send them a private message if there was anything they could do to help. 

In a social media post, restaurant bosses wrote: "We are now a solid 7 months into this pandemic and the country is in a recession.

"If anyone is not working, not getting paid, has had their hours cut and runs out of food or necessities, or times are just tough, please don’t let you or your kids go to sleep on an empty stomach.

"Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to send us a private message. We will do anything we can to help."

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Glasgow Times:

The post added: "It may simply be a case of dropping off a food parcel and leaving.

"No one has to know and where others are concerned, it never happened."

Punters praised the restaurant for the "lovely" and "kind" gesture. 

One social media user wrote: "This is my Glasgow. I’ll be sharing this on my wee page. Expect many new customers once we come through the other side of all this."

Sarah McGuinness added: "Never been to your restaurant but after this statement we will be visiting! People really do make Glasgow."

Sumy Rafiq wrote: "This post brought a smile to my face. You are always so helpful and sensitive towards any situation.

"I’m glad I’ve dined in here a few times and enjoyed the food will try making it more often in the future."

The post even touched hearts outside of Glasgow, with Karen Fraser writing: "We don’t live in Glasgow but when we next visit, I’ll be making sure that I’ll be giving you my business.

"True Scottish love and humanity right there. Thank you, guys."