Nicola Sturgeon will reveal in the next few days what lockdown restrictions will be in place one the pub closures are due to be lifted next weeks.

The First Minster said that the new strategy which will include tiers or levels of interventions, similar to what has been put in place in England, will be published later this week.

She said it will not be a rigid system where a certain number of cases triggers a certain response but there instead will be a degree of judgement applied.

The current restrictions on hospitality businesses which in Glasgow means pubs and licensed restaurants are closed are due to come to an end on Sunday.

Ms Sturgeon said they will be replaced by a new system and she will announce what parts of the country will be in which category.

The Greater Glasgow area, and the rest of the central belt, continues to have the highest number of cases.

The latest update showed there were 993 new positive cases reported.

Of those 362 were in Greater Glasgow and Clyde, 294 in Lanarkshire, 122 in Lothian, and 57 in Ayrshire and Arran.

There are 754 people in hospital confirmed to have the virus, up by 40 in 24 hours.

There were 61 were in intensive care, down two.

The Fist Minister is to discuss the new strategy framework with opposition party leaders at Holyrood

Ms Sturgeon said: “One of the things the framework will set out are the different tiers or levels of intervention and restrictions which may be applied in future, either locally or nationally across Scotland, depending on how the virus is spreading.

“We will also indicate, based on the latest advice from the national incident management team and our clinical advisers, what level should apply to different parts of the country or potentially all of the country once the current temporary restrictions on hospitality come to an end on October 26.

“The framework will also summarise our work to improve the effectiveness of existing measures to curb Covid, for example, how we will work to improve compliance with Facts advice and other guidelines, the review of our testing strategy and how we will continue to support Test and Protect.”

She said the current national rules on no visiting between households will be in place once the hospitality measures are ended.

She added: “It is not realistic to expect a return to normality.

“Household restrictions will continue and it might be we need to have other restrictions above that.”

She said interventions will depend on the nature of why there is a high level of cases in different areas.

An factory outbreak will be different to community transmission.