Earliest memory of Glasgow?

Setting fire to the chimney in the back room of a flat my mum and dad were renting. We shoved paper up the lum and set fire to it, and there was so much soot it caught fire. I must have been around six years old.

Which street did you live on?

Oh, there are too many to mention. I was born in the Gorbals but my family moved around a lot, and so I have stayed in Tradeston, Kinning Park, Plantation…Finally we moved to Priesthill, to a real house, when I was eight years old.

Glasgow Times:

Describe your house:

Our new house in Priesthill was luxury - it had a total of three bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room. That really was luxury at that time. Before that, I remember living in a tenement with sloping ceilings.

What school did you go to?

I went to a few because we moved around a lot. Firstly, I remember St Mark’s, then St Robert’s, then St Bernard’s.

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Favourite local cinema and why?

Almost all of the cinemas in the South Side were my favourites.

Favourite local shop and why?

The local chip shop in Nitshill, where I’d hang out with my pals, was the one I liked the best.

Where did you go dancing?

I went to the Denny Pally – or the Dennistoun Palais de Danse to give it its proper name. I also went to the Barrowland, the Pollokshaws Burgh Hall and others…

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Best thing about growing up in Glasgow?

The freedom of the countryside behind Priesthill. There was very little traffic there – ideal for riding your bike.

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