Nicola Sturgeon has outlined what the system will be when the new strategy for tacking coronavirus takes effect in 12 days time.

She confirmed there will be a five-tier system of different levels of intervention which could be applied across the country or in different health board or council areas.

The First Minister said Scotland will have two more levels in addition to those in place in England.

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South of the border there is a medium, a High and a Very high level.

Ms Sturgeon said she thinks there would be a level below and a level above.

She said: “The middle three tiers will be broadly equivalent to the to the three tiers in England, Medium, high and Very High.

We think we need one at the bottom, the level we aspire to this side of a vaccine. England starts at Medium.

“We also think we need another at the top. The Chief Medical Officer in England said the highest level is not enough to get the virus down.”

Ms Sturgeon said the highest level would be “close to but not identical to, a full lockdown.”

She said the full strategy, which will be Scotland’s route map for over the winter and into next year, will be published on Friday.

It will outline the restrictions that each level will contain and what measures will be considered for imposing those restrictions.

 She said that Ireland and New Zealand have a five-tier system.

Ms Sturgeon also said that no matter how many tiers, whether it was three, four, five or six, there would be some who say it is the wrong number.

On Schools the First Minister said she wanted to keep schools open whatever level of intervention was applied.

She said Ireland had moved to its highest level this week but kept schools open.

Ms Sturgeon said that is what the Scottish Government would want to do.