A PENSIONER has heartbreakingly revealed he fears “no-one cares” about him as he faces a lengthy delay for the flu jab.

John Smith says he is “reasonably fit” despite being 91-years-old, but relies on the vaccine to keep him healthy over the winter season.

The grandfather-of-four, who hails from Drumchapel, said he has been unable to get any answers on when he will receive an appointment letter from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC).

He usually receives his jag in early October, meaning he is already weeks behind.

Now, he fears it could be Christmas time before he is inoculated against the potentially fatal virus.

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John said: “I phoned the doctor at Drumchapel Health Centre and they can’t help me.

“The story was I had to wait for a letter from the health board because they’re not doing it any more and I’m still waiting.

“Now, I’ve heard I might be waiting until December, but I’ve never waited that long before.”

He added: “It’s like I’m dispensable.”

John has lived alone since his wife, Elizabeth, passed away 11 years ago.

He prides himself on being the oldest resident in his close on Cloan Avenue and his neighbours have assisted his three children in keeping an eye on him during the pandemic.

He has relied on his family to manage his shopping and general needs as he shielded during the tightest phase of lockdown restrictions.

However, he now fears he won’t be able to resume his daily activities without the vaccination.

He said: “If I get this flu, although I think I’m quite fit, I’m already relying on my family to help me, so I don’t know what I would do.

“They get all my messages and take me for a run in the car, but if I take the flu, I might need them to do everything for me.

“They’re telling us to try and not get this coronavirus and now I’ve to try and avoid the flu, too.”

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Despite paying into the National Health Service through national insurance payments for 35 years while working as tram and bus driver across Glasgow, John is considering paying to be inoculated privately.

“I’ve been getting it every year without any trouble,” he added, “but this coronavirus has changed everything.

“I’ve been to the GP and, years ago, there was a school across the road and you could just go over to the school at the weekend. It only took minutes.

“I’m not sure where I’ll be sent now. There’s nothing I can do but wait.

“It’s like I’m not worthy. They don’t think I’m worthy because of my age.

“I think everyone would feel the same if they were my age. No-one is bothering with me, no-one cares.”

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