NOTHING beats an oven baked pizza from the chippy. There is something about their ovens that gives it a unique taste. They also use a dough that makes it easily identifiable as a chippy pizza.

If that’s not enough for bigging up the chippy pizza, ordering one brings back memories of my childhood. Our Saturday night treat when I was a wean was ordering an oven baked pizza from the chippy in time for a double bill of Gladiators and Blind Date - showing my age here. It was a Saturday night ritual in the same way I would have a home cooked Sunday roast before watching Heartbeat and London’s Burning - maybe I watched too much tele as a wean.

Back then, you didn’t have all the options you do now for ordering. You had one number - no apps- and it was gamble on whether you would get through.

Glasgow Times:

Fast forward to 2020 and I am using trusty old Just Eat for my chippy pizza.

I did the radius check and analysed all on the reviews before settling on Marini’s Fish & Chips near Hampden Park.

A familiar sight for football fans and gig goers attending concerts at the national stadium, the Cathcart Road chippy is always mobbed when Hampden opens its doors for an event. That perhaps is only a good sign.

Glasgow Times:

I ordered a 10 inch cheese and onion while my other half went for the Soprano’s Supreme which was packed with toppings of meat and veg. We added a large bag of chippy chips and stuffed jalapeno peppers - because we were starving.

Glasgow Times:

The app told us the time the meal would arrive and it was pretty much bang on.

Although the delivery driver attempted to add two cans of Irn Bru to the order - and when I was honest enough to admit they were not mine, she looked baffled. I felt sorry for the poor sod who had ordered them and didn’t get them.

The pizza tasted just how I remembered, it was absolutely delicious. That taste is a memory for me and it takes back. The chips were pretty decent too - although I added a bit more salt and vinegar for my own taste.

Glasgow Times:

The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the jalapeno poppers - they were just too spicy for me. My partner enjoyed them though - so it might have just been me.

Would I order from Marini’s again? Of course I would but maybe next time I will put their fish supper to the test.


Marini’s Fish & Chips, Cathcart Road.

Type of Food



Large chips £3.30

10 inch Soprano’s Supreme £6.50

10 inch Cheese & Onion £5

Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers £3.50

Service charge 50p

Subtotal £18.80

Postage and Packaging £3.90

Total £22.70

Delivery Time

45 minutes

Rating ****