YOUNG firebugs could halt investment in the North East, a community leader has warned. 

Royston Youth Action (RYA) boss Sharon Kelly fears the council could be less inclined to back the local area after vandals damaged a sports park on Wednesday. 

Ms Kelly was forced to take action when youngsters set fire to a bin in Glenconner Park and she worries acts like this will make it harder to help people in the city.

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The RYA project manager said: “It’s just disappointing and we are now hoping to speak to schools and do what we can as an organisation to speak to the people who are doing it.

“We want to say to them that they are just wasting it for everyone else and the council will stop fixing this.

Glasgow Times: Glenconner Park, on Garnock Street Glenconner Park, on Garnock Street

“It could end up all wild and overgrown. It is frustrating and annoying.

“A lot of people shared the message, including Andy Cameron [former St Roch’s manager], who said we need to speak to the people doing this and make sure they know it is out of order.

“Young people are always going to set fires. It’s Bonfire time. But when they used to do it they did it down the bottom near the railway track end. 

“Don’t set them on the actual park the wee ones play in. That’s just really disrespectful.”

It’s the latest act of vandalism to hit Royston with a nursery’s preparations for a post-lockdown return thrown up in the air earlier this year.

Staff at Royston Nursery discovered their outdoor area had been wrecked when they arrived for work in July. 

Bricks were thrown and tables were overturned during the overnight raid. 

Ms Kelly added: “Councillor Allan Casey is always getting things fixed and repaired but at one point was told don’t bother as it is pointless unless the can find out who is doing it.

“The council will eventually decide they are not ploughing any more money into this as it’s pointless.

“There are a lot of brilliant kids in Royston and it’s just a small minority. We should never forget that.” 

Cllr Allan Casey said: “I am really angry to see that the MUGA in Royston has yet again been vandalised by fire. These actions are completely disgraceful and totally ruins the space for the rest of the community to use.

"We have been working collectively as a community to try really hard to improve the facilities in Glenconnor Park and the MUGA surface had not long been repaired due to further acts of vandalism.

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"I send my thanks to the Royston Youth Action staff and volunteers for acting swiftly to put the fire out and reduce the level of damage caused.

"We will continue to work as a community to have the pitch repaired and ensure these actions of a minority do no deter the great work of the community in the Garngad."