GRAFFITI tags in the city centre have been “getting worse” since lockdown started, a concerned resident has warned.

A resident, who preferred to stay anonymous, said graffiti has become a “large problem” along the Clydeside walkway and popular city roads such as Bath Street.

More than 500 metres worth of graffiti on Broomielaw was removed recently.

Glasgow Times:

But council bosses claimed the graffiti removal team can barely keep up, with graffiti appearing again within 24hours of being removed.

While the resident raised the issue with the council, he believes not enough is being done as the vandals are not even waiting for nightfall.

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Glasgow Times:

He said: “Now these people aren’t hiding in the night. If you take a walk along the water from about 4pm onwards on a nice night or during the weekends you’ll see them doing it.

“I myself have raised this as it can be intimidating but I’ve heard nothing since and most worryingly the highlighted areas had minimal graffiti before lockdown.”

“Having witnessed this personally, it’s ‘wee guys’ writing their names with no fear of reprisals.”

The Glasgow Times previously revealed Glasgow City Council was the UK’s biggest spender on graffiti removal, spending nearly £650,000 on the issue in 2019 alone. And the city resident said he just does not want to see the problem get worse in the centre.

Glasgow Times:

“It is just frustrating because all you really want to see is that it is being acknowledged. I understand it is an issue of money and time and there is a lot worse going on in the city at the moment.

“But you just want to see that it is not getting worse. I think it is bad down by the water but as you go back by Bath Street you get a lot of it. As someone in the city you just want to see that it has been acknowledged, more than anything.”

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: “Our graffiti removal team work extremely hard to ensure any offensive graffiti is removed within 48hours.

"The relentless determination of those who engage in this type of anti-social behaviour are the ones responsible – and they should be ashamed for making their fellow Glaswegians pay the price.”