STUART GIBSON is determined to ensure Rangers enhance their presence in the Far East as he looks to use his Asian business influence to attract new money to Ibrox.

The Scottish entrepreneur became the fourth largest shareholder in RIFC plc earlier this month as he secured an 8.27 per cent stake as part of an £8million share issue.

In an exclusive interview with Herald and Times Sport, Gibson has detailed his involvement with his boyhood heroes and confirmed he would be willing to offer further cash to Rangers on top of the £5million he has already invested at Ibrox.

Gibson is co-founder and co-CEO of ESR, a logistics platform that raised around £1.3billion in its Initial Public Offering to shareholders in Hong Kong last year.

And the Paisley-born businessman is keen to tap into his contacts in the Far East to help grow the Rangers brand and attract fresh investors to the Ibrox top table.

Gibson told Herald and Times Sport: “If I think there is any angle that I can put to the club in terms of increasing their awareness or presence of Rangers in China, for example, because we are very Asia-centric, then I will do.

“If there is a way I can use my Asia background to bring investment or sponsorship, I would certainly put it to the board. I would do that now if the opportunity arises, either through sponsorship or potential investors.

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“I think that is the only value that I could offer. I am not going to sit in the dressing room with Steven Gerrard on a Saturday morning and pick the team! That is not going to happen.

“I would like to think I can help. When you look at the Premier League matches and you look at the hoardings all around the pitch, whether it is Man City, United, Chelsea, Liverpool, there is a lot of Chinese advertising and Chinese money in the Premier League.

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“Rangers are as big a club as any of these guys, certainly when it comes to filling stadiums at the very least. I think they are a highly undervalued club in that regard, and I think some Chinese sponsors would get that undervalued status of the club.

“I will make it a point to try and reach out to some Chinese or Asian money that might have an interest in football. That is probably what I can offer, to be honest, and maybe introduce them to new investors and sponsors.”