OPERATORS of a new snack van decorated by the artist Rogue One can now serve fresh food in the south of Glasgow.

Martin Wilson has been granted a three-year street trader’s licence by Glasgow City Council to operate his business on the west side of Watt Street.

Mr Wilson, who is in the fine dining industry, submitted his proposal to the licensing committee this week.

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He said: “I have converted a double decker bus and fitted it to a very high standard. I am assuming you know our local graffiti expert who has done the mural work in Glasgow – Rogue One?

“He has also painted the outside of the bus, so it is quite a visual feature. My grandad had a snack van many years ago in Renfrew where my dad was the manager.

“The menu and the quality of food since my grandad was doing it back in the 80s has sadly actually gone down. I want to provide a better service for the workmen and the local area.

“On the bus we have put a toilet. Most workmen spend their day in the van and find it quite awkward to ask for permission to use the facilities in people’s houses especially now [during the coronavirus pandemic].

“It is an upgraded vehicle. I’ve spent my life in fine dining establishments, so I want to bring fresh food and make it available for people to eat.

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“If you look at where I am proposing to be, the only food outlets in the vicinity are Gregg’s, Burger King and the likes and we wonder why the west of Scotland has such a bad heart problem.

“I will be offering fresh food at a much better quality.”

Chairman councillor Alex Wilson said: “I appreciate you bringing this before the committee, and I do actually remember the snack van in Renfrew believe it or not.”

Following the meeting members approved the application.