YOUR articles regarding OAPs not getting the flu jab is disgusting but if I can draw attention to my own situation.

I am a nurse with asthma who works night shift on a ward and have been waiting for more than four weeks for a flu jab.

I work constant night shift and there is, according to NHSGGC, a peer inoculation system in place but I am still waiting.

According to the website any queries are to be put to our line manager but for the past few weeks I’ve been told that it will be here soon, but so will Christmas.


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MY elderly neighbour who is 91-years-old and has serious underlying health problems has been told he’ll need to wait until February next year for his yearly flu jab.

This is scandalous, are our beloved politicians trying to wipe out the older generation out as a way of saving cash due to Covid-19? Nothing would surprise me. These people in the main worked all their lives paying tax and National Insurance – now they are being considered expendable.

It is a total travesty which needs to be addressed now before there are further fatalities.

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MY local pharmacies have none and cannot say when or if they will get more.

My work doctor, who usually administers the flu jab to our employees, is unable to this year as they will not sell him vaccines due to a shortage.

My 87-year-old mother has been told she will have to wait until December to find out when she’ll get it. It is an absolute disgrace.

Al McD

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IT is a complete and utter shambles and the minister must now get a grip of the situation.

I’m under 65 with underlying health conditions and one of those who has not received a letter from the NHS. This shambles doesn’t bode well for when we do get a vaccine for Covid-19 when they can’t even organise the flu vaccine properly.

JP B2019

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THOSE who do graffiti must be thrown in jail for a long time and cans of spray paints must be banned from sale in all shops (Concerns graffiti tagging is getting ‘worse’ in city centre, Friday).

Graffiti makes Glasgow look like a slum.

Alan Hall

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WITH winter almost upon us, what plan has this government made to ensure vulnerable citizens have adequate heating in their homes (Nicola Sturgeon says household lockdown limits will be likely at Christmas, Friday)?

Has it considered the effects these draconian measures have on people’s well being, how much will it cost the NHS in the long run. These are questions many of us would like answered.

Donald Webster

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I’M travelling half way around the world to spend time with family for the first time in a long time. You can bolt if you think I’ll be taking any notice of what Nicola Sturgeon or anyone says.

Donald Webster

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I WILL be having Christmas how I want to have Christmas and with whoever and how many I want.

Joe Black

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I STILL can’t believe the way youngsters are behaving with the pandemic in full flow.

They don’t seem to care. No face coverings in shops or on public transport, and certainly no social distancing.

What chance do we have when parents just allow their children to do whatever they please?

Parents should be fined by the police if their children are found to be flouting the rules in shops and on public transport.

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