The events firm behind TRNSMT music festival is looking to get gigs up and running by next spring with the help of a coronavirus testing strategy.

DF Concerts is undergoing talks with an eastern European country to hold a gig with 1000 attendees, The Daily Record reports.

Event boss Geoff Ellis said the deal is just waiting to get the approval of the country's Government's ethics committee.

He is hoping the Scottish Government will follow suit if the if it is successful.

He told the Record: "We have been working on our full capacity plan, where the audience gets tested before the gig, then the test gets uploaded on to an app, and the app allows the ticket to be validated on the phone.

“We’re keeping close details of the negotiations under wraps but the government we are dealing with is close to signing off on it.

"It would mean people are pre-tested, say 24 to 48 hours before, then temperature tested when they go in – for belt and braces.

“The pilot would be for 1000 people, then those people would be tested after the event. They will perhaps have to quarantine after the event but we are sorting out fine details.

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“There is no reason why it won’t work. And if it works for 1000 people, it could be rolled out to 10,000 or to 50,000 people. Then you’re moving towards summer festivals going ahead next year.”

He added that "testing is the way to get back to normal". 

 “You can’t get 100 per cent reliability but it’s accepted that shutting down our live music, our theatres, is causing massive damage, mainly to young people.

“We can’t just look at culture through a Covid lens, we have to consider the mental health of young people and the devastating effect on the economy of all this stagnation. There are hundreds of thousands of jobs on the line.”

Mr Ellis added that he would like to see a gig piloted at a Glasgow venue.

He said: "It’s not going to happen in Scotland tomorrow but if it can happen in March and April that’s great, then we’re back up and running with full capacity outdoors for the summer festivals, then the autumn might see full capacity at the likes of the Hydro.”