The pandemic is continuing to force us to reconsider our usual traditions and Halloween is shaping up to be quite different this year. 

With guising firmly off the table due to coronavirus restrictions, here are some other ways you can mark the spooky season. 

Carving pumpkins

It is not Halloween without pumpkins adorning your steps. 

Some neighbourhoods are planning 'Pumpkin Trails' as an alternative to trick or treating, with kids in Glasgow's East End being invited to count pumpkins across the neighbourhood.

Glasgow Times: A young girl with a pumpkin as she prepares for Halloween.

And if carving is too much effort, help your kids draw on faces with a marker. 

A Halloween bake-off

Satisfying your sweet tooth is usually closely linked to going door-to-door for the little ones, so ensuring a sugary treat might be key. 

Think about giving a freaky twist to your baked goods or even opting for a fun interpretation of healthier food

The Parent Club recommends using grapes as scary eyeballs or satsumas with drawn-on faces as mini pumpkins. 

Find some other ideas HERE.

Movie night

Why not use the advice to stay at home to your own advantage to avoid the often dreary weather? 

Your kids can dress-up before settling in for a family movie night featuring Halloween classics such as Hocus Pocus or The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

To set the scene, you can even give a spooky twist to your snacks with this Halloween popcorn recipe. 

Halloween sweet hunt 

If you still want to ensure your kids get the thrill of trick or treating, why not try adapting a different tradition. 

Instead of an egg hunt, hide sweet treats around the house for a spooky scavenger hunt.