A lone whale has been spotted swimming in the River Clyde.

Glaswegians took to social media on Sunday morning to share videos and images of the whale, which experts believe is a northern bottlenose.

It was spotted in the Glasgow Harbour area, near Partick, and it is thought the mammal is one of the whales previously spotted in the area in the last few weeks.

We previously reported that a major rescue operation was launched to move a pod of northern bottlenose dolphins before a military exercise took place in Scotland's waters.

Rescuers worked to move the pod back out to sea from their position in Loch Long ahead of Exercise Joint Warrior, one of the largest military exercises of its kind in Europe at the beginning of this month.

Glasgow Times: Credit: John McMillanCredit: John McMillan

This type of whale is one of the deepest diving mammals known to man, and can reach depths of up around 2400m. 

But with the shallow waters of the Clyde, it can be dangerous for the animals to be in this area - as the river is only up to 164m deep.

The British Divers Marine Life Rescue organisation confirmed they were monitoring their movements.

They said: "These are the same northern bottlenose whales which have been in the area for weeks now.

"We have a daily shore watch team which follows their movements."

We have asked them for further comment.