NAVY parachutists will not land in the River Clyde tomorrow, due to poor weather. 

The Royal Navy was planning a military exercise, called “Clydesplash” for yesterday and had hoped to reschedule for today but was put off because of bad weather. 

The parachutists are reliant on a very narrow “window of opportunity” in weather conditions. 

The jump is to simulate a response mission to a submarine in distress, delivering essential supplies.

A Royal Navy spokesman said:  “It is disappointing that the jumps in the Firth of Clyde will no longer go-ahead, but the exercise was always dependent on the conditions and, as with all such exercises, safety is our number-one priority. 

“The Submarine Parachute Assistance Group train continually for their life-saving mission so there will be other opportunities for the team to exercise the capability in the near future.”

Formed in the sixties, until last year the team were based at the Submarine Escape Tank Trainer in Gosport on the south coast of England. 

They recently relocated to HM Naval Base Clyde – home to the UK Submarine Service – and are now within the site’s new multi-million-pound submarine escape, rescue, abandonment and survivability facility.