A whale has sadly died after becoming stranded in water close to Glasgow Airport. 

British Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) were called to the Black Cart Water shortly before 11am today after receiving reports of sightings that the marine mammal was in distress. 

The charity has since confirmed that the 6.2 meter-long Northern Bottlenosed Whale sadly passed away in their attempts to rescue it. 

Glasgow Times:

A spokeswoman said: "A call was received just before 11am today reporting a stranded whale at Black Cart Water in Clyde.

"The Coastguard Rescue Teams from Greenock, Helensburgh and Ardrossan are in attendance to provide safety cover while the British Divers Marine Life Rescue Team attempt to rescue the whale."

Glasgow Times:

We told yesterday how a Northern Bottlenose Whale was spotted swimming in the Glasgow Harbour area, near Partick.

This type of whale is one of the deepest diving mammals known to man and can reach depths of up around 2400m. 

But with the shallow waters of the Clyde, it can be dangerous for the animals to be in this area - as the river is only up to 164m deep.

Glasgow Times:

The BDMLR organisation said they had been watching the movements of the whale after a pod had been seen frequenting the area for several weeks. 

Scottish SPCA Chief Inspector, Elaine Lindsay, said, “We are very sorry to hear about the whale who sadly passed away in Renfrew this afternoon.

“The BDMLR contacted us with regards to the incident. We offered our services but they did not require our help. BDMLR are experts in the refloating of marine life and have the necessary specialist equipment. When we encounter beached sea creatures we would always contact BDMLR for assistance. We know they would have done everything in their power to help the whale.

“There are lots of reasons whales and other marine mammals sometimes beach themselves such as changing tide or losing their way.

“If anyone comes across a beached whale, they should stay a safe distance away to avoid causing the animal further stress and immediately contact ourselves and the British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

“If anyone finds a sick, injured or distressed animal they should call the Scottish SPCA animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”