A controversial banner that has been branded anti-English and racist will not be used again a protester and independence campaigner has stated.

Sean Clerkin has displayed the banner with ‘England Get out of Scotland’ on it at various places.

He was arrested and charged with breach of the peace after displaying it at Edinburgh Airport earlier this year and was also told by police to leave Glasgow Central Station.

The banner was also displayed at the motorway border between Scotland and England on the M74 in a bid to discourage people traveling from the north of England to Scotland due to higher Covid-19 rates.

Mr Clerkin said the banner will not be used again.

He said: “This Banner meant what it said; that Scotland is a colonised nation dominated by the English Westminster Government and Parliament, the Bank of England, the 'English Monarchy' the 'English Broadcasting Corporation', and other institutions of the English or British State. The idea that the banner was anti-English is Unionist propaganda and untrue.”

Each time the nationalist campaigner displayed the banner he was roundly criticised by SNP politicians and other independence campaigners who have distanced themselves from him and his actions.
Mr Clerkin said he will instead carry out protests with a new banner with the slogan reading ‘END THE UNION. LET SCOTLAND PROSPER’ which he said is “more optimistic in tone and less divisive in nature”.