A KIND - HEARTED East End woman is making sure local school kids are off to a good start in the morning.

Phoebe McNeil who owns the Cabin Cafe in Dennistoun started giving out free breakfasts to children on their way to school in August. It became so popular, Phoebe wasn’t able to cover the costs. Due to the demand, local businesses in the area, including Morton’s Rolls, Lennon’s Butchers and Tip Top estate agents clubbed together so that the could fund the freebies. Phoebe has also started a Go Fund Me so that members of the public can donate to keep the free breakfasts going. As a result of their generosity, Phoebe was able to welcome around thirty children back for breakfast yesterday morning and will be able to keep this going.

The children are able to choose from a roll and sausage, a roll and potato scone, toast or french toast with water, a Fruit Shoot or a Hot Chocolate to go along with it.

Phoebe was inspired to start the project by her late Gran who always looked out for those less fortunate.With the coronavirus crisis causing economic uncertainty for many families, Phoebe wanted to do something for those who might be struggling.She said: “The community looked after me during lockdown so I thought about what we could do to give back. We’re expecting it to be really busy now.”

“These are hard times and we want to help, even if it’s just making sure kids have something hot in their belly to start the day.”

Frances McWilliam who owns Tip Top Estate Agents was delighted to support Phoebe. She said: “I was sad to see the current situation of the children. I felt we wanted to show support for the children and Phoebe. We were delighted to provide this service. We are happy and lucky to be in the fortunate position where we are able to help and this is mainly due to the people of Dennistoun and their continued support for our local family business.”

Local representatives have also rallied round to congratulate Phoebe. SNP MSP for Glasgow Shettleston, John Mason said: “I am delighted whenever I hear of local businesses helping children and the wider community in this way.Well done to them. So much goes on that we do not see or hear about.So many people do this kind of work without any desire for thanks.So very well done to them.”

You can donate to Phoebe's GoFundMe here.