Did you see us today? We picked a city postcode at random to give away cash. 

Our Head of Social Media, Jamie Shuttleworth, donned a Glasgow Times billboard across his body as he dished out 1000 copies to the G31 postcode.

If you live within the area, you might want to look inside your paper for a golden ticket!

Glasgow Times:

There will be three separate golden tickets, giving people the chance to win £100.

Jamie earlier said: “Today you will see me wearing a sandwich board with our front page and I could be delivering a cash prize to you.

“The Glasgow Times prides itself in representing the people of this great city and we wanted to give something back.

“Remember to check your newspaper for a golden ticket.

“Good luck to all our readers in the postcode.”

Glasgow Times:

If you won a golden ticket, let us know - news@glasgowtimes.co.uk