FOUR puppies are in for treats this Halloween after finding loving homes.

A Baillieston family is among those to take in one of the four Yorkshire terrier cross puppies after an appeal from Dogs Trust Glasgow.

The young dogs - Imelda, Hector, Miguel and Ernesto - were named after characters from Disney's Coco set around the Mexican Day of the Dead.

The puppies' mother, named Coco, was taken care of by Dogs Trust Glasgow after the unplanned litter before being reunited with her owners after the puppies were old enough to be separated.

Glasgow Times:

Puppy Imelda went to Leanne Mitchell and her family in Baillieston who were beyond excited for her arrival.

Glasgow Times:

And with more time being spent at home they thought it was the perfect time to welcome a new family member.

She said: "Our two eldest – Caleb who’s 11 and Dylan, who’s 9 years old – had asked us about getting a dog for ages but we wanted to wait for the time to be right for our whole family before we committed to getting a puppy. And this was it!"

"I’ve recently changed career to be a driving instructor and my husband Brian is now working for home for the next few years, so it means there is always someone around to spend time with a puppy.

"The boys are also a bit older now too and willing to be more responsible, so they can help us take care of a dog."

“I said that if a puppy came up for adoption at Dogs Trust Glasgow then we would apply and we feel incredibly lucky to get Mabel Imelda.

"The boys were very emotional when we told them about her and my three-year-old Millie just kept saying ‘I cannae wait’, she was so excited for her to arrive!"

Glasgow Times:

The family named the puppy Mabel Imelda as they wanted to keep the connection to the film Coco.

Ms Mitchell explained that her son Dylan, 9, adores the film. She added: "He loves all things Halloween and especially the film Coco.”

“Sadly he can’t go trick or treating this year, but Mabel Imelda’s arrival has made this Halloween all the more special.”

But manager of the Rehoming Centre at Dogs Trust Glasgow, Sandra Dowie, urged families to also consider the older dogs when looking for a new pet.

"Everybody loves puppies like Mabel Imelda and her brothers, but its worth remembering that older dogs can be just as much fun and equally as rewarding to rehome."

“Our little ball of fun Teddy, for example, is a Jack Russell terrier who may be a bit older but he’s a puppy at heart – full of beans and always on the go!"

Glasgow Times:

The charity was able to support the rehoming of Coco's pups with the help of funds provided by Peoples Postcode Lottery.

If you want to find out more about Teddy, a lively Jack Russell terrier looking for a forever home, contact Dogs Trust Glasgow on 0141 465 0839 or on their website