A TEENAGE thief caught lingering outside an 87-year-old woman’s house and who later stole her neighbour’s mountain bike was jailed yesterday for 14 months.

Kieron Sullivan, 19, initially asked the pensioner to call him a taxi late at night in July this year in Glasgow’s Hillhead.

The city’s Sheriff Court heard Sullivan was told she didn’t know the number, but to walk down the street and flag a cab.

Sullivan continued to stand outside the property making noise and the concerned pensioner called her grandson.

He later spotted Sullivan walking away from the property before making sure his grandmother was okay.

Prosecutor Adele MacDonald told the court Sullivan was snared around the corner pushing a mountain bike.

Officers were able to find the owner of the bike who was initially unaware of the theft.

Sullivan was later found to have a meat cleaver on him.

He was arrested before pleading guilty to being found at the pensioner’s property with intent to commit theft.

Sullivan also admitted forcing open a shed to steal the bike and the unlawful possession of a meat cleaver.

Lawyer Gerry Devanney, defending, told the court Sullivan was unaware of the pensioner’s age.

It was also revealed Sullivan has previous convictions for assault.

Sheriff John McCormick said: “You have a serious record for a 19-year-old.

“Standing your record and the nature of the offence there is no alternative to a custodial sentence.

“Your report says you are someone at the maximum risk of re-offending and towards the end the conclusion says the impact on the victims can’t be minimised.”