GARNETHILL residents are being asked to weigh in on a new community mural.

A Black Lives Matter mural is being planned for the area with the organiser hoping it will be "built and brought together" by the community itself.

It comes as part of the Black Lives Matter National Mural Trail which has seen around 40 pieces of work created across Scotland since support for the movement skyrocketed this May.

Curator and creative producer of the project Wezi Mhura believes it is important communities contribute to the conversations about race.

“It is part of their conversation, part of their journey and how they see and want to see that conversation playing out locally. I think that is very important," she said.

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She initiated the project as a way for people to interact with the Black Lives Matter mural, after a number of protests were held across Scotland. 

"I wanted to allow black Scottish artists and black Scottish voices to get into that conversation about race that was happening to give a Scottish perspective on it," she said. 

Initially, she hoped to have one mural in each major city which held a Black Lives Matter protest, as a way for those who did not feel comfortable gathering in large groups to get involved. 

But it has since grown into a far bigger project. 

“The whole conversation is so nuanced to have so many artists talking from a point that touches them personally meant that it felt like Scotland was having a real conversation on the streets," the curator said. 

The Garnethill mural will be led by Glasgow-based artist Ursula Kam-Ling Cheng and its creation is support by the Glasgow School of Art Students' Association. 

Residents are invited to contribute to the development of the mural today and tomorrow evening by registering here: