A Glasgow MSP has said she was “enraged” by a government minister telling her to back independence is she wants more cash for the city’s council budget.

Johann Lamont, Labour MSP, asked Michael Russell, at Holyrood, if he would ensure the Scottish Government reviewed funding to Glasgow to protect the city’s economy in the light of a no deal Brexit.

She said : “At the beginning of this year, before the pandemic hit, Glasgow’s budget was already cut by an astonishing £42 million. Indeed, Glasgow has been at the forefront of unjust and brutal cuts over the past decade.”

Mr Russell replied: “Glasgow suffers from what has historically been called elsewhere “the Highland problem”.

“The full resources that should be available to the people of Glasgow in their area are not available to them, because they go elsewhere. Exactly the same has happened in the Highlands, and exactly the same has happened in Scotland.

“I agree with Johann Lamont that the solution is to ensure that the resources of Scotland are applied to the problems of Scotland. If we do that, we will be able to tackle our long-standing issues and face up to the threats that come from Brexit, the Tory Government and Scotland not being independent, for example.

“I have to say to Johann Lamont that the solution is more obvious: support independence and you will get the outcome that you are looking for.”

MS Lamont said afterwards: I was enraged. The Cabinet Secretary confirmed what we already knew. No matter the question the answer for the SNP will always be independence. The Cabinet Secretary’s dismissive response was breathtaking in its cynicism.”