Glaswegians have reacted to the First Minister's announcement that travel restrictions will be imposed between council areas in Scotland. 

The news came as Nicola Sturgeon confirmed that Glasgow would be placed on Level Three of the new coronavirus restrictions system – the second highest. 

Among several other changes, travel restrictions were imposed between local authorities in Scotland for non-essential purposes.

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Glaswegians have shared their views on the travel ban on social media, with some expressing confusion.

Brian Moore said: "This is madness, who is going to stop me travelling for work from one council area to another? Get on with life, protect those who need protecting, it's not rocket science."

Lesley E Borland added: "What about delivery drivers that go all around the outskirts such as Stirling and Falkirk delivering goods?"

"Yet teams can go abroad to play in Europe," Andrew Mc Farlane said.

David Robertson said: "So according to her, I can't go to Braehead for whatever as it's classed as Renfrewshire, but I stay on its doorstep?"

Meanwhile, others expressed frustration at politics.

Sandy Mac said: "Career politicians... Couldn't run a tuck-shop."

Joe Black added: "Bet the lockdowns are lifted in time for these leeches to be re-elected again."

Donald Webster said: "How are they going to impose this? Police and emergency services are already under severe pressure.

"I wonder what they'll come up with tomorrow. There's now talk of a third wave, what next, a Mexican wave?"