IS it not time for our political, medical and scientific leaders in Scotland to start listening to the general public who have to suffer the stressful restrictions they place upon us without any real opportunity to contribute to the decision making?

The flu vaccination exercise carried out by the NHSGGC was a fiasco – it took weeks of protests by pensioners before action was taken and an apology forthcoming.

The return of the university students into their limited accommodation was always going to be a risk.

Allowing cafes to stay open whilst preventing restaurants and bars from selling food and non-alcoholic drink resulted in a reduction of venues where we could spend much-needed time with relatives and friends.

When the issue was raised and given scant consideration by the First Minister during one of her Covid briefings, the reply was: well, I could just close the cafes! But thankfully now, in less than a week, that position has been relaxed. I don’t envy the decisions that the First Minister has to take but the aforementioned issues should have been handled better.

Is it not time to give the person on the street the chance to ask questions and put points of view during these daily briefings?

After all, we have a greater breadth of experience in living with the virus than those who have to make the important decisions.


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I HAVE had the flu jag ever since I was able to get it. I did so because flu always hit me badly.

Now at 78 I have been delayed in getting it – I eventually got word and it is for late November.

Since this is too close to the danger time, I thought I’ll pay to get it done, so I went to Asda who have the vaccine and was told they are not allowed to do over-65s.

There seems to be a determination to wipe out my age group. I think this is criminal. Good luck to all of my age group.

Frank Campbell


CASES of Covid are now accelerating at an alarming rate and will shortly surpass the peak of the first wave.

Worryingly, we are seeing the same indecision and fumbling by UK Government ministers as seen earlier this year.

It would appear that they have learned very little and are standing by whilst thousands of people die of this virus.

It’s clear that a national lockdown, or “circuit breaker” if that sounds more acceptable, is going to be required sooner rather than later.

It needs to be long enough to fix the disastrous “world-beating” Test and Protect system.

Funny how we are “the greatest” at everything but never actually achieve anything.



FINALLY got the letter regarding a flu vaccination for Sunday at 11am at Castlemilk Health Centre, which is miles away from me, while my own Gorbals HC and Govanhill HC which is just round the corner are both carrying vaccinations out.

Where’s the logic in that?

You’re not supposed to travel on public transport or in a car

with anyone, but I’ll have to flout the rules and get a friend to take me.

A gentleman at the health board informed me Castlemilk isn’t that far! It is on a Sunday morning bus service and you don’t have a clue where you’re going.


Gina Rae


YOU go to a supermarket and you will find whole families, ranging from kids, teenagers, young adults through to elderly who look like nothing is wrong with them are not wearing masks (Official face mask exemption card issued for people who can’t wear a covering, Glasgow Times online).

A lot I see are wearing loose-fitting ones or ones covering their mouth but not their nose.

What’s the point of that? None of the supermarket security or staff challenge them. Why?

Shug McKenzzie

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HOW are they going to impose this? Police and emergency services are already under severe pressure (People are not to travel outside Glasgow says Nicola Sturgeon as city is in lockdown Level Three, Glasgow Times online).

I wonder what they’ll come up with tomorrow.

There’s now talk of a third wave, what next, a Mexican


Donald Webster

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