FOR every £500 given to a new Mary’s Meals campaign, the UK government will give £500 more in a scheme backed by the Proclaimers.

The new initiative, called Double the Love, will see more than 43,000 hungry children in Bong County, Liberia fed at school, said the charity.

As schools in the East African country re-open, the Reid brothers, longtime supporters of the Dalmally-based charity, have given their backing to the campaign.

Craig Reid said: “We think the work Mary’s Meals does is fantastic. We’ve been following its incredible impact for years and we’re now delighted to be able to support its campaign to feed more hungry children in Liberia.”

His brother Charlie said: “For the next few months people’s donations will be doubled by the UK government, meaning that supporters can double the impact of the pounds they’re giving.

“This year has been tough for everyone in different ways but, in the same way that music brings people together, Double The Love offers a brilliant opportunity for us all to get behind Mary’s Meals and show children in Liberia that we care.”

The UK government has pledged to double the amount given by the public, up to £2 million until January, 31, 2021.

The food is prepared within the local community and the charity said free meals attract children to come to school.

Daniel Adams, executive director of Mary’s Meals, said: “Many families in Liberia face an unrelenting daily struggle to feed their children and the Covid-19 pandemic has only added to these huge challenges. Double The Love will bring new hope to Liberian communities who are waiting for Mary’s Meals.

“In such a challenging year this generous match funding from the UK government offers an incredible opportunity for us all to work together to transform the lives of many more hungry children in Liberia. Through the dual gift of food and education, hungry children today will be able to grow into tomorrow’s educated adults who can lift their communities out of poverty.”

Mary’s Meals has been operating in Liberia, where 64% of girls are out of school and more than half of children drop out of school.

The charity added that a donation of £15.90 would feed one child for a full year.